ca' nôs


Literal translation of Welsh and French words


Ffarwel I Aberystwyth

Farewell to Aberystwyth
farewell to Pen Maesglas
farewell to the castle tower
And also to Morfa Glâs

Farewell to Penparcau
Farewell to Figure Four
Farewell to the purest young woman
Ever to open a door

I'm a young man
Carrying a heavy heart
I have to go
And over the ninth wave

When I go over the tenth
You can go and sing
I won't return
To the parish of Llanbadarn

Farewell to Llanrhystud
Where I many times
Loved what I fancied
But the attempts were useless

I loved her
For fourteen months
Sometimes we had rough weather
Other times fair weather

And sometimes I'd find her willing
To listen to my blues
But she gave her hand to another
And she broke my heart



I have a grey, white-faced cow
She goes to the gate to lay
And the small hen sitting on the calf
Won't go from my head this year

Seven small sparrows
Quarrelling and throwing dice
And the curlew and its crooked beak
Laughing at their heads

I've got a red coated hare
And two bells that ring at it
And two yellow boulders are it's burden
Beating the greyhounds of Wales


Gwenith Gwyn

Many times I've been foolish
Loving as I fancy
Shepherding the white wheat
While another harvests it
Why don't you come with me
Everyday after another
I see you, my love
Even purer

Yes, purer you are everyday
Or my faith is foolish
for the man who made your face
Pity me more
Sit down my gentle love
And hear your lovers blues
I know many men alive
Like the colour of your eyes

Turn your face , Elen, turn
Give me your hand Gwen dear
In your beautifully turned breast
You'll find the key to my heart
While the waters in the salt sea
While my hair grows
While there's a heart under my breast
I'll be faithful to you

Tell me the truth without a lie
And seal your answer
Is it me or another, Gwen
That's best with your heart


Ridée Pastwn Mawr

We are ten in the dance
May the fairest come forward
Planti Plantain little sprig of heather
Let's plant the rosemary

Bittern from the mountain
Went out to the fields
Where he fell onto his head
But into a punnet of apples

Bittern got up
Carried all the apples
Over the mountain to Chester market
And there he earnestly sold

Apples, apples thousands
Apples, yellow, many
The children yelling for apples loudly
I got a ha'penny for hundreds

Bittern went home
Over the mountain
Shouting "mistress, look at the money"
I made from selling apples

I have a small house
the breeze is at the door every morning

Open the door a little
We'll see the sea and the waves

There I'll be content in my world
And the breeze is at the door every morning

March Glâs

I've got a grey stallion
And he throws
There's nothing like him in Cardiganshire

Got a new pigskin saddle
Bridle with double reins
Stirrup and spur

Got a silk hat
From a shop in Breacon
I'd gladly give a sovereign for it

Got a new coat
The work of a London tailor
( He ) stitched it tight around my back

Le Gabier de Terre Neuve

When you're there on the Newfoundland Banks
Tell me lovely sailor, how will you eat?
-We are given heads of white cod to eat
But that doesn't replace the good cabbage soup

When you're there on the Newfoundland Banks
Tell me, will you drink any wine?
- We are given only foul water to drink
Not a drop of brandy ration for us

When you're there on the Newfoundland Banks
Tell me how you will sleep?
- we've only two hours sleep in twenty-four
The rest of the day we are beaten

When you're there on the Newfoundland Banks
What money will you earn?
- We are made to work and sweat blood and tears
But we don't see much of the colour of money

After so many horrible miseries
tell me, lovely sailor, will you go back there?
- I had no choice but to do as my father
I hope our lads won't do as we did.

Lloer Dirion

Tender moon colour of the day
In pain and penance
In a dream I'm sombre
Through the charm of some magic
The heart is so weak
I won't live long
When I saw your face
You wounded me like a sword
I received a wound without knowing
I am set apart
Ready for my grave
O Goddess, gentle and good
Hear a wounded man
O save my life
Beautiful moon, colour of summer
Some are intent on the things of the world
But on the goodness of a worthy moonlight
I set my objective completely, all of it
If I had only you I would say surely
That enough wealth, young girl , I had

Pilons l'Herbe

My father has 500 - 400 - etc. sheep
Let's stamp the grass shorter than the rush

My father has had a pond made
Come back to me my lover
Come back to me my fair one
For you have a little heart that charms everyone


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