Dave Shepherd &
Becky Price

Dave Shepherd & Becky Price
Dave and Becky's music is a combination of complimentary talents - Dave's distinctive fiddle playing and soulful interpretations of the old melodies; Becky's powerful but subtle accompaniments underpinning the whole. Their music is true to the tradition, but presented for ears of the 21st century. Together they explore the traditional music of England but are equally adept at presenting material from elsewhere in Europe.

Becky Price
Becky grew up with English folk-dancing as part of her family background. Her development as a musician led her into the classical piano tradition, but she never lost touch with her folk roots, and is now a widely respected performer on the piano accordeon. Becky's repertoire includes English traditional music and dance rhythms of central France, played in a unique style which is heavily influenced by the diatonic accordeon sound.

'I was absolutely bowled over by her playing. A beautiful approach to the accordion...incredible'
Dave Whetstone

Dave Shepherd
Dave Shepherd has been a morris dancer since the age of 8 and took up the fiddle when he was 12. His first serious musical venture was as fiddle player in the highly innovative folk-rock group Dr. Cosgill during the late 1970's. This was followed by an invitation to join the early Blowzabella with whom he played until 1989 (and again from 1995 as part of the occasional reformed Blowzabella). Dave's distinctive style developed during this period as a fusion of elements from the various traditions within Blowzabella's repertoire, combined with an increasing use of the fiddle as an instrument for accompaniment, producing the hallmark rhythmical chordal sequences for which he is so admired.

Shepherd and Price – Taplas interview

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