Luke Smith on Virgin FM!
Luke now has a regular slot, Friday nights on Virgin FM, on a show hosted by Sony Award-winning comedian Jon Holmes. You can hear Luke's first foray - singing a medley of Eminem songs in his own, inimitable style - on Jon's website. Go to -

Introducing an English original... Luke Smith plays piano just about every night in one or another of Canterbury's pubs and bars. But he also takes time off to write his own songs - miniatures instantly recognisable through their sharp glimpses of ordinary life and relationships. Luke's voice is his own. It's not wrong, it's just different - the voice of an artist who refuses to pretend to be something he is not.

"A 3-track demo tape from 20-year old blues-pop pianist Luke Smith first drew me into his world, and I succumbed at once to its DIY charm. Canterbury's least hip & most happening act records in his bedroom with Dave the drummer as his sole collaborator (though Luke does make additional forays on electric guitar, bass and Wurlitzer). Does he come more from the traditions of punk or the music halls? It's irrelevant really. What matter are the songs: passionate, angst-ridden, funny, sad, self-inspecting, cunning, naive, accurate - and always quintessentially English. I love them lo-fi, the way Luke makes them. And I had to release this album."
Tim Healey, Beautiful Jo Records

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